How to Lead People

Learn How to Lead People

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My article about how to lead people is based on the principles of applied emotional intelligence, which is implied in the definition of leadership. It is the ability to think and react according to the circumstances or the emotional condition of the person you are dealing with

Having excellent guiding, coaching and mentoring skills is among the most important abilities to possess in today’s fast-paced world. We need the support and cooperation of other people to help us in reaching our goals; helping those who follow to reach their own goals is the route to choose.

Here are some guidelines to effectively influence anyone – and cause them to want to follow you:

1) How to Lead People: Enter their world.

You must understand the situation according to their point of view. Set aside your personal interests and concentrate on them.

Just visualise that if you are them, what would you do? What would be your opinion? Then take the appropriate action that would be beneficial to them.

Copy them. Observe how they act, how they speak, and how they think. If they rub their forehead while they think, act like them. If they speak at a clear and slow pace, try to do the same thing. This is called mirroring and helps to create a shared experience.

In due time, the people you’re mirroring will subconsciously feel more comfortable with you. It’s as if they see themselves in you.

You must proceed with caution. Do not let them be aware that you are copying them. They might interpret it as mockery and you’ll just get into trouble.

2) How to Lead People: Be Friendly and Nice.

Smile to brighten up the day. Make a sincere compliment to raise their spirits. Little things like these count a lot. Make them feel that whenever they need help or just someone to consult with, you’ll be there to lend a hand. Most people will tend to be more receptive to people that they trust.

If you want to ask your boss a favour, you would do what you can to please him. Over deliver and exceed his expectations. Soon, he will notice your efforts and will be more than glad to grant your request.

3) How to Lead People: Provide them with compelling evidence.

Explain to them how your ideas or suggestions could be the most effective techniques to implement. Show them undeniable proof that you have the best product by way of testimonials, before and after scenarios, and detailed comparisons against your competitors. Just make sure that all your claims are true and verifiable. Always maintain a good reputation.

4) How to Lead People: Meet their existing needs and desires.

People are self-centred. They are initially concerned with their own well-being before others. If you can prove that your proposal will provide more advantageous benefits to them than to your own, then they will probably accept it.

If you could focus more on their interests, desires, needs,and expectations, then you would satisfy their cravings for attention. Moreover, it would show that you really care about them. Mutual trust and respect would be established.

This is the most important thing to remember when persuading anyone. No matter how close you are to becoming like them or how compelling your evidence is, if it does not satisfy the “What’s In It For Me?” test, your persuasion efforts will not produce satisfactory results. Always bear in mind how they will benefit from your actions. This is the true definition of leadership and the most successful way to lead people.

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