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The Best Ways To Multiply The Extraordinary Leadership in Your Organization

Extraordinary Leaders are those who understand that in order for theorganization to grow and make the maximum impact that it can, the leadershipbase in the organization must grow first and grow strong enough to hold thegrowth. If this does not happen, the organization will either not grow orwill grow and then crumble because there is no solid foundation ofleadership. The effort to multiply leadership must be ongoing andpurposeful. Here are some ways to get your leadership base growing strongand wide!

1. Get Current Titled Leaders Growing in the Right Direction. If you want toincrease the level and effectiveness of your leadership right now, then thefirst thing you should do is start with those who already have a title ofleadership. You will find that many of the people you have as "leaders"really aren't leaders at all so you have your work cut out for you! Sit downwith your leadership team and let them know that you are going to be pushingthem to grow in the area of leadership. It is imperative that the titledleaders get on board. If they don't or won't, then they have to go. Noeffective organization can continue with dead weight in leadership positions

2. Establish a Plan of Action for Leadership Development. Once you havedecided to move forward with leadership development, you need a plan. Iwould suggest a one-year plan of reading and activities. I am currentlytaking a group of 17 people through a 12-month (one meeting per month) planof leadership development. Each person has to read the required book for themonth. Each person takes responsibility in a given area. Each person willgive a verbal presentation to the rest of the group on an aspect ofleadership. They are accountable to another person in the group for theirdevelopment. This is the plan of action. If you need help setting this up,feel free to contact me and I can help.

3. Identify Untitled Leaders. You also want to identify the leaders you havewho may not necessarily have a title of leadership. Know this though, theyare leading! They are influencing the direction of your company ororganization. They are leading and influencing others. Find out who they areand invite them into the official leadership process. How do you find these?Here are a few ways: Notice at your meetings who the other people look tofor their opinion. That is the leader. Ask people who they think hasleadership potential. A few names will come up over and over. They are yourleaders. Ask people to tell you who has the most influence outside of thetitled leaders. Again, a few names will come up over and over. They are yourleaders. Now, get them on board with you!

4. Develop a Culture of Leadership. Call your leadership development groupsomething like "Emerging Leaders." Get t-shirts made up. Have special eventsfor them. Get them involved. Honor their commitment and growth. Above all,let it be known throughout the organization that you value leadershipdevelopment and you are willing to invest in people that way. Not only willyou invest in them, but you will honor them and make it fun too!

5. Enable Leadership Attempts: Let them Try, Let Them Fail. This is wheremost groups fail. They will let people try, but they won't let them fail.Once they fail, they take responsibility away from them again. Leadershipdevelopment must be a long-term commitment and this means you will have toput up with some short-term failures. As you do, the leaders you areinvesting in will be growing and learning how to do it right in the longrun. Those are the people who will grow your organization for years.

6. Establish Mentoring: Watch Me Do, Do with Me, Do Alone, Teach Another.Get the current leaders to teach the newer leaders. Have them take peoplealong to do their everyday activities. Invest time in them, developing therelationship while they see how it is done. Then let them do some of thework themselves while you are there. As that gets better, then it is time tolet them do it by themselves. Tell them you can't make it that day but theycan go make the meeting without you. Once they have mastered the task, havethem turn around and mentor others. This way you are developing more andmore layers of competent, Extraordinary Leaders!

7. Show the Benefits: Both Individual and Corporate. The fact is that peoplewill do those things tat will bring them benefits and rewards so go all outto show them what they will get from it as individuals and as a group. Showthem that leadership development will help them make more money, have betterrelationships with co-workers and have better job satisfaction. Show themthat leadership development will show itself in all areas of their lives,not just at work. Show them how the whole organization will grow, becomemore efficient, accomplish the goals they have established and really make adifference in the world around them. Show them the benefits and you will gettheir hearts for leadership!

About The Author:

Chris Widener is a popular speaker and writer as well as the President of Made for Success, a company helping individuals and organizations turn their potential into performance, succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams.

To see Chris "live" at the upcoming Jim Rohn Weekend Event as he speaks on the subject of Secrets of Influence go to or call 800-929-0434.

Leadership is best defined by the quality of your thoughts, decisions and actions. It is also underpinned by the quality of the tools you use in your role. Be seen to bring true leadership to your organization and act with the authority that it brings to you.

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